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Jul 20, 2011 5:00pm PDT
of this, a leopard that mauled 11 people in india who see them jumping over the fence trying to escape. it injured six visitors, policemen and four guards before being hit with a tranquilizer gun, it did die within hours, leopards are protected in india but more and more are searching for food in villages. take a look at this, water shooting high and the sky flooding to homes in eastern las angeles after a carjacking suspect crashed into a fire hydrant it took nearly three hours for the firefighters to shut off the valve. the suspect was taken to hospital for treatment and then arrested. some more exploding mortar, to be lifted the dramatic video of this a flooded store, it is violently hurling that car into the ear the incident happened after heavy rainstorms caused flash flooding in montreal yesterday. take a look at this kid how a team at the last night giants' game because he missed out on catching a foul ball. the woman celebrating in front of him and then keep an eye on it, the could this arms crossed and the frowning face he did you eventually get a baseball, the giants' staff g
Jul 12, 2011 5:00pm PDT
millionaires and as the dollar plummeted, brazil, russia and india there dollar has increased role ride, so there's a little bit of an illusion as doug would say, but it is interesting because we have the housing problem in the u.s., we have greece, italy, all of these problems and more millionaires than ever. so the wealthy figure out how to stay well. >> an interesting balance. now talk about your writing on our web page. >> it is basically three, or four times a week and i put what happens on the markets, a little more smarter and hard core market material. >> you will be back tomorrow. >> yes. >> thank you. >> now live look outside, you cannot see very much because the fog is so bad we will talk more about this next. i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month,
Jul 13, 2011 5:00pm PDT
populated areas of india during the evening rush-hour several areas of moon by were attacked, additional information were not--mumbi were attacked, memories of a series of attack that killed other people's previously had been looming. >> now one take off this hour plane crashed into this bear an area near to neighborhoods. in the philippines, the search is on for two kidnapped american and filipino relatives. investigators say that armed men conducted the three as they were vacationing they were expected back in manila, but the victims were forced at gunpoint on to boats headed towards an island, no one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping or ask for a ransom. >> next week we will finally start to warm back up i will have a complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3